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A Disappeared Rural Community between Augusta Wisconsin and Fall Creek WI

Rodell Wisconsin

Once known as Rosedale Wisconsin

 Rodell once known as Rosedale Wisconsin

Rodell Wisconsin is a community that almost was; it had a train station, a store and tavern and an area local rural school.  Rodell is located just about half way between Fall Creek and Augusta Wisconsin.  It was also once known as Rosedale, Wisconsin

The location was a scheduled and whistle train stop on the Great Chicago North West Railroad as it traveled from Chicago to Eau Claire, Minneapolis and the expanding Great NorthWest

A Quote from A History of the Rodell School

"We could not find in the records why the school, [train] station, and surrounding country were called Rosedale. But so the story goes this wild country abounded in June roses. Rosedale was later changed to Rodell. The [railroad] station agent at Altoona [Wisconsin] sends us the following statement. "I find that this station was originally named Rosedale and in 1907  [it] was changed to Rodell. This change was made due to the fact that there was another station on the C. N. W. Railroad system by the name of Rosedale and in order to avoid having two stations by the same name, one was changed to Rodell."

"So the school, store and vicinity have since been known as Rodell"

Rodell Wisconsin can be found on the local Wisconsin Map to the Dells Mill and Museum

Dells Mill Local Map

Rodell Wisconsin is about 5 miles from Augusta Wisconsin and 5 Mills from Fall Creek Wisconsin.  The Dells Mill and Museum is less than 2 mines from Rodell Wisconsin.  Harstad Park in Eau Claire County is just 2 mills away.

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Rodell Wisconsin

Current Population estimated 5

Sunshine in Rodell Wisconsin


A Disappeared Rural Community between Augusta Wisconsin and Fall Creek Wisconsin

Fist the Rodell Wisconsin Area in Eau Claire County during the Falling Leaves Art Studio Tour in October

The Northern Wisconsin Peak Color Season is very late September to mid-October

You can see this Red Maple in Autumn on the Augusta Wisconsin Web

Red Maple in Autumn