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A Disappeared Rural Community between Augusta Wisconsin and Fall Creek WI

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And about The Rodell Wisconsin School

Rodell Wisconsin is known as Rosedale Wisconsin on some old Wisconsin Maps

The Rodell Store and Rodell Tavern are now non existent businesses that were between Augusta Wisconsin and Fall Creek Wisconsin.  The bar and store were closed in the 1990's as local bars began failing due, among other things, to the life savings restrictions imposed by ever tougher drunk driving laws.  What was formerly the Rodell Bar and Rodell Store, are now residences.  The former Rodell Tavern and store are less than 400 yards from the former Rodell School.

The Rodell School was one of many rural schools that peppered the Wisconsin Countryside throughout the last half of the 19th century into the early last half of the 20th century.  The Rodell School was closed in the 1960's during a wave of school consolidation to larger communities.  Students who formerly might have gone to the Rodell School were then bused to the Augusta Wisconsin Common School or Fall Creek Wisconsin Schools


Rodell Wisconsin is list as Rosedale Wisconsin on a Eau Claire Wisconsin County Map of 1895

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Eau Claire County Map in 1895


See the Eau Claire County township map including the Augusta Wisconsin Area from 1895

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Rodell Wisconsin is unincorporated and has about 5 residents in 2010

Rodell Wisconsin was once a passenger train stop

There were regular scheduled stops and whistle stops too on the railroad from Chicago to Minneapolis and points west

Rodell WI was once known as Rosedale WI

latitude 444312N and longitude 0911117W

Rodell Wis is in Eau Claire County which is in West North Central Wis.

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